Program Design & Delivery

Develop & Deliver Highly Engaging Training Outlines Using Evidence-Based

Instructional Design!

What You Need To Know

About This Course

PROGRAM DESIGN & DELIVERY (PDD) is a comprehensive training program that equips you with curriculum development tools, instructional design strategies, and training methodologies.

Informed by scientific literature, PDD utilizes andragogy, pedagogy, and educational psychology to enable participants to build and deliver training programs and lesson outlines from scratch!

Who Is This For?

PDD is great for anyone wanting to design, deliver or assess training programs. It is especially suitable for:

Program Managers & Coordinators


Trainers & Coaches

“Most trainings fail not because the trainer is incompetent, but because the

PROGRAM DESIGN is flawed...”

Learning Outcomes


Design a simple training program outline using learning theories & methods.


Demonstrate strategies & skills in training to a live audience.


Apply appropriate assessment methods/tools to assess learning.

You Will Learn The Following In Our

Training Course!

Frameworks & Models

✅ Learning Theories & Pedagogy

✅ Lesson Outline Framework

✅ Instructional Design Model

✅ Assessment Methodology

Tools & Skills

✅ Gagne's Event of Instructions

✅ Training Delivery Strategies

✅ Managing Barriers to Learning

✅ Handling Disruptions

Here's What You'll Be Getting!

The 3'O's Training Blueprint

This is your overview or map that explains the design of the entire training program...

So YOU can IMPLEMENT & EFFECTIVELY deliver your training with ease!

5 Events of Instructional Design

you can immediately use to MOTIVATE your learners, to keep them tuned in & fully engaged!

6 Types of Training Methods

These are the proven methods that help YOU cater to different learning styles & preferences... So you can REACH and ENGAGE a broadrange of learners!

7 Types of Assessment

(and How to Use Them)

You'll have the tools to DETERMINE & EVALUATE quickly, achievement of learning outcomes, and be able to articulate confidently whether the

objectives of your training have been met!

Barriers to Learning

With this framework, you'll be able to address potential barriers of learning and TAKE STEPS to address them... So YOU help your learners achieve

their full potential!

Why Learn With Us?

Accelerated Learning

Only 12hrs investment, compared to similar courses out there requiring 100hrs


Skills-based, with actual program outline reviews & feedback given in real-time

Highly Relevant

Unnecessary modules are cut out, and distilled down to only the essential required features

Curriculum Specialist & Master Instructional Designer

Glenn Lim

Glenn Lim is a Master Curriculum Developer & Program Auditor, with 17 years' experience in corporate training, leadership consultancy, and organizational development. He has been consulted by C-suites and directors of top corporations and social service organizations, to develop training curriculum and staff development. He has been the choice keynote/motivational speaker for various corporate conferences and seminars.

As a curriculum specialist, Glenn is acutely aware of
program logic design and what works/does not work in training programs. The below credentials make him the choice go-to trainer's trainer in the field of program design:

20 yrs practitioner experience in training, coaching, facilitating over 500,000 students

● 18 yrs in educational research & study

● 12 yrs as acourse-ware designer / developer

● 10 yrs as an instructional supervisor & program auditor

Hear From Our Graduates!

Hear From Our Graduates!

The next PDD run is scheduled for:

1 & 8 November 2023 (via ZOOM)

15 & 22 November 2023 (In-person)

9.30AM - 12.30PM

A typical 'Training Design' program usually costs $2,000 in Singapore.

Full Course Fee Value:$790

But this course is now heavily subsidized and you only pay


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